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Coaching with Kris Rowe

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You and I meet and I ask you the question: “Hi- How are you doing?” You
think for a moment and reply, “Fine, thank you. How are you?” How many
times have you repeated that scenario and had the same answer to that
same question?
Now, let me ask again: “How are you really doing?” Is your life, your job, your
marriage, your relationships all working the way you want them to? Is there
something in one of those that you know is just off? Maybe you don’t know
how to talk to your children anymore. Maybe you and your mom just can’t
seem to have a civil conversation. Maybe your husband checks out anytime
you try to talk to him, leaving you feeling unseen or unloved. What’s your
When we take the time to stop and see our lives through the lens of what it
could be, things begin to shift a little. Well… you think- maybe it could be
different, better.
Through her training as a coach from Integral Coaching Canada Kris can help
you find your way out of those places that feel impossible to “fix”. Maybe
you’ve tried a few things, maybe you’ve tried a lot of things- and nothing
seems to help. Maybe it does for a little while, but then it just slides back
The coaching method Kris uses helps you develop the capabilities, the skills
that you need to create sustainable change in your life. It’s not about trying
harder, it’s not about setting goals that don’t really work in relationships- it’s
about awareness, growth, practicing and refining new abilities.
If this is stirring something up in you- perhaps a small flicker of hope that
things can get better- set up a time to talk with Kris. Let’s see if what she does
matches what you need. Maybe, just maybe, there really is hope.

Kris Rowe

Integral Master Coach (ICC)
Associate Certified Coach (ICF)