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We meet so many clients that have tried just about every weight loss program. Losing weight is not a “one size fits all” process. At Tree of Life Metabolic Weight Loss we realize that every patient is different, and we work hard to make sure you achieve the results you’re looking for. We work one-on-one with you to modify the program to best suit you and your body’s needs.

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In just 167 days I’ve dropped 47 pounds and 35 inches overall with the coaching, support, guidance, and motivation with Abby. It was easy as I was never physically hungry. I was given a healthy list of what to eat, vs a list of foods not to eat, which I really liked. My reason for starting the metabolic weight loss program was because of my high A1C. Amazing just five and half months later all my blood numbers (A1C, Cholesterol, etc) were in normal range now along with my joint pain going away. I also like the body composition analysis that is ran at my success visits, is has been a motivation for me that shows that I worked my way out of the “red zones” and getting that much closer to the green zones and my goal.


My name is Bryan. Back in May I was talking to my son about my weight and I told him I would like to try to lose some weight, I have knee and hip pain, my blood pressure was going up and I was just feeling unhealthy. He recommended a program he knew of. He is a Chiropractor and he said he knew of a healthy program. He told me about Abby at Tree of Life Metabolic Weight Loss, I met with Abby and she explained the program and with her help I started on June 1st. I just finished my 2nd losing phase of the program and I have dropped 83 pounds! It works I am feeling much better with less pain and more energy. A big thank you to Abby for all of the help and support. These jeans are the ones I was wearing when I started. I would highly recommend this healthy program for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way.


When I first connected with Abby. It was looking for someone to just tell me what to do. Along with running a business, I have three children (and a husband who is also now going through the program), and I was tired of thinking. I didn’t mind cooking or preparing meals, I was just not having a good time thinking about and planning what to eat. After meeting with Abby, the plan was all laid out for me- no brainer, sign me up! The plan is literally back to basics, the first 41 days are “easy” –don’t get me wrong, they take planning and prep. With the guidance offered, my weeks were set up easily.

Another factor in my reaching out to Abby, was me looking for a program that used real food. I’d found myself eating and utilizing lots of protein shakes, bars, convenience “healthy” snacks (all processed). I wanted out of that cycle. Real food is the way to go! Incorporating DNA testing to know what my body wants to eat was also a must for me. Initially yes, there is food elimination, but I didn’t even realize it because I paid attention to what I was told to eat, and ate it (again, no thinking). We are told what to eat, and that was my focus vs. being told what not to eat.

Now, I did all the above, followed the program (truth be told, with a few cheat days and/ or weekends in there… Summer all!), with complete and utter skepticism – complete. I was losing weight during my first 41 days, lost a bit of weight when I moved to maintenance, lost more weight during another 41days, and continued to lose weight until my 6 months were done. Mind you that was done with lots of talks with Abby about my body, a few plateaus some gain here and there, but the whole while learning about me and how my body reacted to food and life all still total skepticism.

I started in May 2019 and completed the 6-month program. It’s now January 9 th, 2020 so, I’ve been living life knowing my DNA results for a few months though a family trip to Florida, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year! During those festive times, I made good and bad food choices (mostly good because I like how I feel then, but plenty of bad as well). I gained a few lbs sure did! In the past I would have thought… here we go what do I do now? Cut out carbs? Keto? Eat protein bars? Guess what? I didn’t have to think this time. I prepped and ate like my DNA told me to, and I’m right back to where I was at the end of my 6 months – 45 lbs. lighter than when I started.

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