What is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is the most abundant compound found in the hemp plant. CBD products will also be called hemp extract. These are synonymous. Hemp is a species of a cannabis plant. The other one you are familiar with is marijuana. Keep reading to find out the difference! Does CBD get me …

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40 Day transformation

There are many different health problems and diseases. They all have different symptoms and treatment protocols. In all “dis-eases” there is one thing in common: Inflammation. Our bodies try to tell us when something is wrong. Are you listening? Common symptoms associated with inflammation include: Constant fatigue and insomnia Cognitive problems, like brain fog Depression, …

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Relax with Kava

Kava is a wonderful herb with a wide range of benefits and often referred to as herbal Xanax. This herb is relatively fast-acting and creates a sense of tranquility and well-bring. A great option for those experiencing acute anxiety and panic attacks. Kava is also used for those looking for something to simply promote relaxation. …

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