Kelsey Beaumaster

Kelsey Beaumaster

Functional Health Coach

After graduating from St. Cloud State University with a bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Sports Management, and minors in therapeutic recreation and psychology, I continued to expand my health and fitness education. As an avid health and fitness lover, I obtained professional certifications in group fitness, yoga, and personal training.

Years ago, those who knew me knew my mantra at the time to be, “Train like me; don’t eat like me,” however, over time the human body can only live off pizza and candy for so long. After indulging in these behaviors I began to get unexplained ailments the doctors could never explain. Naturally, I have always been inclined to favor holistic remedies. In my journey to gain answers to improve my health, I realized that no amount of diet and exercise alone was going to provide me the complete picture I needed to improve my overall health and wellness.

Upon discovering Integrative Health, I have been able to learn valuable tools that support my ability to rebalance the body with diet, exercise, supplements, stress relief, toxin removal, rest, and shifting the mindset. Additionally, I am able to utilize functional medicine labs to create bio-individualized health plans. These labs support me in navigating to the root cause of your ailments. Integrative Health has completely changed my life and it has become my mission to help all people ready to change theirs.

These labs allow me to guide you to your goals by identifying the root cause of your ailments.

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