Weight Loss & Wellness Coach

What do you do at Tree of Life?
As the Weight Loss Director, I work with clients to support their weight loss. Our
weight loss program is individualized to each client through our DNA testing, which allows us to
understand what foods and exercises work best for your specific genetics. Part of living a
healthy lifestyle includes being educated on what you are doing so you understand why you
should do the things you do.

What is your favorite product at Tree of Life and why?
We have a great selection of Collagen, a powder form of protein that helps aid in good bone
density, maintain muscle mass, and strengthen your skin's elasticity for a smoother skin
appearance! I love using our Collagen in my morning coffee to add more protein to my day
since I try to eat more plant-based!

What is one fun fact about the non-work version of you?
I am a crazy cat lady; my two cats Bella and Maisy, are the best cuddle buddies.

Who is someone you admire, and why?
Jane Goodall, an environmental activist. I love her respect for the natural world because we are
highly intelligent creatures, we hold a responsibility to our planet and all animals that reside on
it. The earth is not our planet, and we have to learn to be sustainable if humans want a long
future. That's why I love that many Tree of Life products are eco-friendly and sustainably