Front Desk

What do you do at Tree of Life?
I wear many hats here at Tree of Life. I spend most of my time leading the education for both staff and guests, as well as serving our community as one of our Customer Service Specialists.

What is your favorite service at Tree of Life?
I love all the benefits of the infrared sauna, and I always enjoy taking time for myself with a relaxing massage.

What is your favorite product at Tree of Life and why?
Bulletproof Coffee! I love that I can trust that I am drinking a healthy and clean cup of coffee. Coffee is notorious for mold growth that can cause many health issues. I am blown away by how different this coffee makes me feel. I no longer get jittery or nauseous feeling.

What is one fun fact about the non-work version of you?
I am obsessed with Harry Potter!

What are three things you couldn't live without?