Show Your Mitochondria Some Love

Nearly every cell in your body contains mitochondria which are largely responsible for your body’s energy production. They also play a role in a variety of vital functions within the body. From enzyme production, creating and maintaining hormones, carrying out the functions of neurotransmitters and supporting the liver’s ability to detoxify. Think of them as the batteries that power almost everything you do by turning food into energy. Your body can truly suffer if these batteries aren’t sufficiently “charged” up or if your cells don’t contain enough batteries at all. 

Your mitochondria can become damaged in a number of ways. They can become damaged and dysfunctional from different pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, certain medications and oxidative stress (inflammation). When they become damaged by one or more of these things they will literally drain the power from your mitochondria. This can cause them to function abnormally or die off altogether. 

Here is a few ways to love your mitochondria so that they love you back:

Get adequate electrolytes: Electrolytes “charge” up your mitochondria so they can more easily transport nutrients. Also, dehydration depletes your cells and makes it harder for them to function. 

Eat well: Your mitochondria are what you eat. They can only function at their best if they are being supplied with the best. Focus on real, whole foods, good fats, quality protein, and unprocessed carbs. 

Exercise: This will help to support overall wellness and take stress off of your mitochondria. 

Sleep: Create a solid bedtime routine and aim to get your eight hours in. This is when your body and brain get to do their dirty work and focus on removing waste and toxins. Sleep is absolutely essential.