Detox For Immune Health

A proper detox is a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle! It supports your body’s unique cleansing process, supports liver detoxification, enhances liver detoxification pathways, supports GI health, and so much more!

Detoxes can help reduce or eliminate many symptoms of inflammation by removing toxins, enhancing digestion, and improving nutrient absorption- helping you feel more energized. Which, in return, benefits your immune system.

Importance of Healthy Eating During a Detox
In our modern day lifestyles, many of us are eating or drinking food with artificial chemical ingredients. Food dyes and natural flavors are in the majority of packaged food items. Natural flavors can be made of 100’s of chemicals which our regulations do not require companies to disclose. Some of these ingredients can create negative health impacts on the body.

While on a detox, you are fueling yourself with whole foods which help to decrease inflammation in the body. Getting back to your roots and eating fresh produce and proteins will have profound health impacts on our mind and body.

During a detox, it may be recommended to take certain supplements. These supplements contain nutrients needed to support your bodies detoxification pathways in order to eliminate toxins. In order for a detox to be effective, it is essential to eat a clean meal plan.

Does Everyone Need to Detox?

Would everyone benefit from eating a cleaner diet? Absolutely. But does everyone need a detox? Not necessarily.

Based on your genetics, environment and lifestyle exposures, everyone has a different threshold of toxins their body can properly break down and eliminate. If you or someone you know is experiencing a lot of inflammation or gets sick quite often, a detox could be exactly what they need.

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