Sauna + Red Light Therapy for Immune Health

This time of year people are always looking for a way to bolster their immune system. With school back in session and winter quickly upon us many are preparing their routine to help them stay healthy. Supplements, dietary changes, exercise and quality sleep are all amazing ways to help our immune and overall health. Infrared sauna and red light therapy are also becoming increasingly popular modalities that provide a variety of benefits, immune health being one of them. 

Infrared saunas use radiant heat from an infrared heat lamp or panels. These waves are a spectrum of light, similar to that of the sun, but without the UV rays. These waves can easily penetrate our body. They help to reduce inflammation, cause us to sweat and expel toxins, increase blood flow and enhance recovery, activate heat shock proteins, and much more. Infrared saunas also operate at much lower temperatures than traditional or finnish saunas for a much more comfortable experience. 

Red Light Therapy is similar to an infrared sauna, but does not produce heat and acts on the body differently, thus providing its own unique set of benefits. Red light therapy employs, you guessed it, red light wavelengths via medical grade LED light panels. This kind of light is incredibly powerful and acts on the body in a variety of ways. The spectrum of red light varies in lengths and these different wavelengths provide different benefits. Red light therapy helps to improve skin tone and texture, reduce inflammation, aid recovery and promote healing, and provides neurological benefits and promotes good mental health. 

Infrared sauna and red light therapy are also a great tool to help support your immune system. Both help to reduce inflammation making your body more resilient and able to fight off illness with more ease. They also aid in recovery from exercise, exertion or trauma which, again, lets the body focus on keeping you healthy. 

Infrared saunas in particular activate heat shock proteins, shown to bolster the immune system and repair cells. They make you sweat which helps to expel toxins reducing overall toxic load that can make you more susceptible to illness. Infrared saunas also temporarily raise core body temperature slightly, mimicking a fever, that can help to fight off viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. 

Red light therapy is particularly great for cell function. It promotes healthy cell growth and regeneration which is critical for healthy immune function. This is also why red light therapy is a powerful tool to reduce inflammation. 

Infrared sauna and red light therapy are both very powerful and complimentary healing tools. At Tree of Life we are able to offer these therapeutic services independently as well as combined. Our unique setup allows us to use both therapies simultaneously providing you with maximum immune and healing benefits!  Try one or both today. Call or book on the Tree of Life Wellness Center App.