Healthy Family Activities for Summer!

Are the kids already telling you how bored they are? Try these activities to get the whole family involved this summer!

Spending time with your family can have some pretty incredible benefits. Studies have shown that quality family time can positively affect a variety of areas in your life.

Can boost mental health: face-to-face interaction with family has been shown to reduce incidences of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Helps academic performance: generally, kids who spend more time interacting with their parents perform better in school.

Impacts behavior positively: children to spend time with their family and receive positive interaction tend to have less behavioral issues such as violence, acting-out, and substance abuse.

Builds future life skills: kids learn from what parents’ example more than anything. Interacting with them and showing them adult skills helps them to model these behaviors for the future.

Conflict resolution: from time-to-time we will face difficult situations with family members. Constructively interacting with family members helps to build effective conflict resolution.

Reduced stress: having healthy relationships with our family members can encourage us to seek out more positive coping mechanisms in times of stress.

Promotes physical health: time spent with family can promotes ones physical health by enhancing positive hormones and encourage healthier activities, and can even lengthen lifespan.