Am I Drinking Safe H2O?

Tap water in the United States comes primarily from three sources —lakes,
rivers, and groundwater.
Where your water is sourced depends on where you
are located. There are many variances in the quality of water you are drinking.
This is based off of where it is sourced, the amount of pollution and runoff that
affects that water source, the quality of the pipes infrastructure that deliver
your water, and your cities municipal waters filtration system.

What is causing some water supplies to be considered unsafe?
Decades old drinking water infrastructure systems and the lack of federal
funding has resulted in many water utilities struggling to fund the cost of
operations and maintenance of these systems. Majority of the
maintenance conducted on these pipe systems are done after they fail.

The photo above is lead pipes. The middle pipe is a pipe affected by biofilms.
In the United States, there are around 12 million lead pipes. They carry
drinking water to the homes of up to 22 million or more people

So… What can I do? How do I know if my water is good?

Click here to check out your cities tap water and possibly contaminants! 

Here are some of our recommendations for water filters!

Burkey Filter

Pro: High quality filter.

Con: Takes up counter space, and costs more than many filters.

ZeroWater Filter

Pro: Lower cost, good quality filter.

Con: Takes up counter space, and you have to replace filters once a month.

PUR Water Faucet Filter

Pro: May be more convenient, doesn’t take up counter space.

Con: May not filter as well as the other filters.