Meet Our Owner! Christine Konz

Where did you grow up? 

I was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, but I spent most of my school-age years in Florida. I returned to Minnesota shortly after high school to live closer to my older siblings. 

How did you get into the wellness industry? 

Growing up, I lived in a relatively health-conscious family. Junk food wasn’t the norm in our house, and I stayed very active with gymnastics, weightlifting, and competitive cheerleading. From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in the fitness or health industry and pursued jobs in coaching and working at our local gym. Shortly after high school, I had the opportunity to work in the chiropractic field, where I started learning more about holistic health. 

Before jumping “all in” to alternative medicine, I struggled with endometriosis. This was extremely painful, and there weren’t a lot of answers at the time. I tried many different hormone therapies, which left me without results and frustrated. It wasn’t until I met my now-husband, Andy, that I learned about the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. I slowly made better food choices (still not perfect) and saw a significant decrease in my pain levels! This was truly where my love for holistic health began. 

Tell us about your passions? 

I have a passion for empowering others in all aspects of their life and helping individuals grow. I love grabbing coffee with friends or family and encouraging them to dream about how to use their gifts and talents. Tree of Life Wellness Center provided me with a platform to help empower individuals in our community to take ownership of their health. I wanted to create a space where people could come in, ask questions, and learn about different resources to support them in their wellness journey. Whether it’s your health, work, or family, I love to see people feel confident in their day-to-day decisions. 

What does life look like outside of Tree of Life? 

This year, Andy and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. We have spent the last ten years growing our businesses, developing teams, and serving our community. Doing this has brought us amazing opportunity and joy, but nothing compares to our number one priority, our family. I have many different roles in life, but none is more rewarding than being Mom to Payton (5) and James (5 months). I learn something new from them every day and am so grateful for the opportunity to be their mom. We love to disconnect as a family by traveling, spending time on the boat, or simply playing Uno!