Introducing Aster & Co.

At Tree of Life we are proud to carry products that you can feel safe using and we are happy to introduce Aster & Co!  Aster & Co. is a family-favorite, 100% All Natural, Chemical Free bath, body & Home Shop! They were born in the Midwest, out of Minneapolis, and are so excited to be a part of your home! Each product is Handcrafted, Small Batch Made, to make sure you receive the highest quality of ingredients and attention to details that they can provide! Their products are free of harsh chemicals, fake fragrances or perfumes and will always provide you with high quality essential oil scented products!

Our chemical-free, natural foaming soaps will leave your skin clean, soft and smelling of natural goodness!
This all natural, chemical free, vinegar based cleaner is amazing and ready for your home! Each batch is infused with herbs and essential oils to give you a rich scent, while deep cleaning with vinegar.

Your Immune System will say Thank You for this Boost this year with our Organic Elderberry Kit! Packed with everything you need to brew and create your own Elderberry Syrup! Create fun for the whole family!
Sweet aroma of herbs and flowers, floating around as you bathe in this healing and nourishing bath.
What is soothing & gentle enough to be put on your baby when they have a cold and cough, but Strong enough for the mama & the daddy? Baby Chest Balm! You won’t find any Petroleum or Menthol in our products and we use only high quality natural products. Rest at night knowing knowing your little one can to!
This gentle and mild cleansing soap will keep your little ones skin moisturized and clean without drying it out!
Perfume Oil Mists
These elegant little beauties are perfect to keep in your purse, on your night stand, in your car, or at your desk. They are even great for travel!
This miracle in a bottle boosts hair growth at the root, encouraging new growth and thick, luscious lashes and brows! Rich in Castor oil, which is known for it’s hair regrowth properties and Vitamin E too!