Meet Our Team! Neilee – Center Director

Where are you from? Where have you lived, and where do you live now?

I grew up in Maple Grove, MN, but I have lived in both Canada and Florida, too!  Even though I was born and raised here, and live here now, I am definitely built for the Florida weather!  Someday I will live there again!

How has your health journey brought you to where you are today?

After spending many years behind the chair as a licensed cosmetologist, my body began to rebel and everything hurt all the time.  I decided to navigate into a field that would increase the longevity and health of my body, so I became the manager of a chiropractic clinic!  This opportunity and experience really opened my eyes to things that I was doing that weren’t exactly beneficial for my health, but really never knew better.  I decided to take my experience and new found love for health and wellness to the next level, and became the Director here at Tree of Life!  

Fun fact about you!

A lot of people do self care in the form of relaxing with massage or maybe a pedicure, or some venture on vacation.  My version of self care is making things.  I love to be creative with my hands, doing everything from crocheting, to designing signs on my CNC machine, to any random craft you can think of.  I love a challenge more than anything, so if I see something new and interesting, I MUST learn how to make it!