Meet Our Team! Danica – Admin

Where are you from?

Born and raised in STMA! Townie over here lol! 

How has your health journey brought you to where you are today?

My health journey started when my mother-in-law was battling cancer and sought treatment at a holistic cancer center in Arizona. It opened my eyes to a whole other way of seeing health and wellness and started both my husband and I on a path of a whole new way of living. We changed our diet and lifestyle, how we approached illnesses, the products we use in our home, etc. We saw improvements in our health and that of our sons. We are still on a continual journey, always learning more, but so thankful for all that we have learned. I even changed jobs- quitting my office job to work in a chiropractic clinic and then eventually to Tree of Life. 

Fun fact about you!

Gosh I hate these! ? Umm…I love Harry Potter! Totally obsessed! LOL