Meet Our Team! Jenna – Weight Loss and Wellness Coach

Where are you from? Where have you lived, and where do you live now?

I am from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. I currently live in Anoka, Minnesota!

How has your health journey brought you to where you are today?

My interest in health stemmed from seeing friends and family members go through health issues from a young age. It is scary as a kid seeing your family go through illnesses, many preventable. As a kid, I thought I would be destined to be overweight, have dementia, diabetes, an auto-immune condition, etc., just like my family members. I knew I wouldn’t be as happy as I could be if that were the case, and I started researching. I realized, if I could take care of my health, I could prevent MOST illnesses. AND if I did get ill, my body would have a fighting chance of overcoming the illness. This has now become my passion, and I love helping others become the healthiest version of themselves, too. The root cause of disease or dis-ease is inflammation. I like to focus on healing the root cause of the issue so it doesn’t progress. We have control of our choices, and what we put in our bodies has a significant impact on our health!

Fun fact about you!

I love all animals, but I am a crazy cat lady. Here are my two babies, Bella and Maisy!

Bella is 12 years old and the queen of the house.

Maisy is 4 years old.

She was a farm kitten and the runt of the litter. Sometimes when the mother senses a weak baby, they will abandon them (cats are ruthless, but many animals do this too). The rest of the kittens were healthy babies. Running around playing, meowing like crazy meanwhile, Maisy’s momma dropped her off in a bucket to die. At five weeks old, I took her in that day and rehomed the rest when they were old enough. I had known all the kitties since they were born, so I have baby pictures of her! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (: