Kid’s Herbal Remedies & tips for a healthy family

Having a sick kid can be scary and overwhelming. We are here to help you and your families conquer colds and illnesses with a holistic approach! But first, try these five tips to improve everyone’s health.

Five Tips to keep your family healthy

  1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Some people are not breakfast eaters but try to get quality protein and fats in their bellies to fuel their body and brain. Hard-boiled eggs, whole fat yogurt, berries, or a breakfast sandwich are quick and easy options!
  2. Hydrate! Encourage having a water bottle with you at all times. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water will help keep you hydrated.
  3. Prioritize eating meals together. This makes for excellent quality time.
  4. Thirty minutes of physical activity! Whether it be chores like vacuuming or yard work, playtime, or family walks before or after meals.
  5. Limit the sugars. Your kid’s future health is dependent on what they consume, NOW! Creating a healthy relationship with dessert options is a great idea that will pay them back later in life. Adding a healthy dessert option at dinners will help teach them moderation while not focusing on restriction.

Here are my favorite healthy dessert options:

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Raspberry Sorbet

Chocolate PB Banana Bites

Kid’s Herbal Remedies

At TOL, we offer a variety of remedies for your littles! Herbal remedies utilize concentrated plant material in therapeutic ways. Different plants have different qualities and effects on the body. Check out our line of herbal remedies that are safe and effective for kids.

Kid’s Aller-Calm: is primarily for hay fever and other environmental allergies. You can use it as a preventative or used acutely once allergy symptoms are present.

Kid’s Attention Plus: is effective for increasing cognitive ability, helping attention, memory, focus, increasing concentration capacity, reducing mental fog, and alleviating stress and fatigue. It is helpful for those who feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out mentally.

Kid’s Biotic: is an acute formula to be used when either one feels like they are about to come down with a cold/flu or if symptoms are already present. This formula helps to stimulate the immune system, support the respiratory tract, and has antimicrobial properties to help fight off infections. 

Kid’s Bronchial: is an acute formula to help one resolve respiratory congestion. This formula helps to make a cough more productive and clear bothersome congestion. 

Ear Clear Oil: is an acute formula to help with ear pain and infections. The oil is gently dropped in the ear. This formula is strongly antibacterial and helps to clear the infection. It also contains analgesic herbs to soothe pain, discomfort and relieve congestion in the ear.