You are Drinking Mold in Your Coffee

Did you catch that? Yes! You are drinking MOLD in your coffee!

If consumers only had to worry about coffee mold spores or perhaps even just mold in coffee grounds, that would be one thing. Unfortunately, it’s the harmful mold byproducts you have to worry about, mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are damaging compounds created by molds which grow on coffee beans (among other things).  These compounds cause all sorts of health problems like cardiomyopathy, cancer, hypertension, kidney disease, and even brain damage.  They also make your coffee taste bitter, like it needs sugar. And, yes, the roasting of coffee beans can remove the actual mold, but it does not kill off the mycotoxins.

There are several reasons why mold is guaranteed to be in most coffees on the market, but probably the most obvious reason is that coffee crops are raised in tropical climates. The warmer and wetter the climate, the greater the variety of mold type and mold growth. Because coffee crops are tropical, they are exceedingly susceptible to mold growth and, subsequently, the disease-causing secondary metabolites known as mycotoxins. Mold can also become present during the processing and storing stages of coffee production.

North America has some pretty relaxed (ahem…poor) standards for mold testing and thresholds in coffee. Coffee that gets rejected because of mold from other countries like Japan and Europe will be sold off in North America.

The good news is that there are companies out there who take the time and put in the hard work of cultivating coffee with your health in mind. Enter Bulletproof Coffee! At Tree of Life we have chosen to offer Bulletproof Coffee because of the ridiculously high standards of quality. This is a coffee we can trust for ourselves and for you!

What makes Bulletproof Coffee different?

☕️Direct partnership with farms to ensure sustainable operations
☕️Grown on high altitude estates where it is harder for mold to grow
☕️Beans are hand-picked and sorted
☕️Thorough, sustainable washing and drying technique
☕️Tested for toxins before it meets your mug

Bulletproof coffee beans are more than just high-quality beans. Care is given from soil to cup so you get a clean, flavorful coffee that makes you feel as great as it tastes.

First, Bulletproof beans are hand-picked and sorted: This step ensures only the highest-quality, freshest beans end up in your cup. Other companies use machines to harvest as much coffee as possible. Machines can’t tell the difference between a good coffee cherry and a bad one. Humans can.

Then they are washed and processed to Bulletproof standards: Other coffee beans may be contaminated with mold toxins during the manufacturing process. They go the extra mile and test their beans to ensure you’re only drinking the cleanest brew.

And finally, all Bulletproof beans are purchased from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms: They purchase their beans at a premium to ensure sustainable operations. This means the farms can increase productivity and continue to improve their coffee crops, while you’re able to enjoy a truly delicious cup of coffee.