Natural Remedies for a Teething Baby

Teething baby? First, here’s a virtual hug, hoping you get a nap, and that you have a good stockpile of coffee! The teething days are never any fun for the baby and the rest of the family. Try some of these natural teething remedies for some relief and hopefully (fingers crossed) some sleep!

It may be a little more convenient to reach for ibuprofen/acetaminophen and some teething gel when baby starts showing signs of teething, but these products aren’t without their side effects. There are several safer options to try first before turning to pain medications for teething. Ibuprofen/acetaminophen can cause stomach upset, kidney issues and can easily be overdosed. Topical teething gels that contain the numbing agent lidocaine or benzocaine usually only last a very short time and frequent application can lead to high levels of the medication in a baby’s blood stream. So what the heck is a parent to do?

You are probably already trying ice chews, teething toys, extra nursing, anything else to bring baby some comfort. Here are some other remedies to help baby while those teeth pop through.

With Camilia, teething relief is just a squeeze away. This worry-free, plant-based homeopathic medicine relieves painful gums, irritability, and minor digestive upsets sometimes associated with teething. Camilia is offered in pre-measured liquid doses that are hygienic and easy to use. The liquid dose vials are also sterile, recyclable, and small enough to carry anywhere.

Try using Ear Clear Oil if teething is causing pain and inflammation into the ears. This gentle oil combines herbs like garlic and mullein to help combat the inflammation and arnica to ease pain and provide comfort.

Add this herbal blend to baby’s bath to help soothe and calm. Try before bed to help promote better sleep.

Finish off with a quick massage…who wouldn’t love that?!
Try this baby teething massage to provide a little extra comfort to relieve tension and discomfort.