Repel Mosquitoes, Naturally!

It’s just about mosquito season in Minnesota! You don’t have to sacrifice your time spent outdoors with these natural mosquito repellent options.

Why would I need a natural option for mosquito repellent, anyways? It’s still not entirely clear whether deet, the most common ingredient in mosquito repellents, is entirely safe or not or what the threshold is for a safe amount. People have reported side effects from deet use from allergic reactions to seizures! Deet has also been associated with carcinogenic effects. Many people turn to safer options in an effort to avoid toxic ingredients whenever they can. This is especially important when we are applying products to our skin. Remember, anything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body.

At Tree of Life we offer a variety of mosquito repellent products that are safe, natural and non-toxic! Safe for kids and adults.

Badger’s Anti-Bug Shake & Spray is a totally organic & natural bug spray repellent. Using pure essential oils to naturally keep bugs, mosquitoes and insects away from you and your family. Badger Shake & Spray contains no DEET, petroleum products, or synthetic chemicals, and has been independently lab tested for efficacy – so it’s safe and effective for the whole family!

A great all-in-one solution, SPF 34 Anti-Bug Sunscreen fights sun damage while repelling insects and bugs! Water and sweat resistant for 40 minutes, this DEET-free formula is reef friendly and biodegradable.

Certified organic and all natural DEET-free bug and mosquito repellent in an easy-to-apply stick.

Sometimes no matter how well we protect ourselves, an annoying mosquito still makes a meal of us. Certified organic and all natural DEET-free bug and mosquito repellent in two sizes of easy-to-apply sticks. Put an end to the itch-scratch cycle with this certified organic and all natural After-Bug Balm. This gentle balm with soothing Colloidal Oatmeal and cooling Menthol relieves itchy bug bites and minor skin irritations.

Powerful combination of essential oils to naturally repel those pesky mosquitoes. Place in a diffuser, use to make your own bug spray, or roll-on.

100% pure citronella oil to repel mosquitoes safely.