Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy combines healing red light with near infrared light for a powerhouse combination with incredible therapeutic benefits. Our cells contain mitochondria that are the engines of our cells. The mitochondria are stimulated by this light and use it as energy to enhance cell functioning which results in numerous healing benefits. This light is safe and uses very low levels of heat. It does not damage the skin as it does not contain any damaging UV rays. Light therapy is relatively new, but has been extensively studied in clinical trials. This therapy has been found effective in promoting a wide range of health benefits!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy


Rejuvenates Skin
Boosts Collagen & Elastin Production
Promotes healing of wounds, scars, acne, eczema, etc.

Fitness & Recovery

Promotes Muscle Recovery
Boosts Testosterone
Balances Estrogen & Progesterone
Stimulates new muscle growth


Balances Circadian Rhythm
Helps reset internal clock
Promotes more restful sleep

Pain & Healing

Reduces Inflammation & Pain
Speeds Healing
Regenerates Tissue
Reduces Headaches

Mental Health

Combats Depression, Anxiety & Seasonal Affective Disorder
Increases Cognitive Function

How often should you use Red Light Therapy?

Consistent treatments will yield the most benefits. Light Therapy can safely be used daily, but a minimum of two times per week is recommended.

Packages to fit your lifestyle

Single Sessions

Red Light Therapy Session $39
Red Light Therapy + Infrared Sauna $49


Mix & Match Any In-House Services
5 Pack $150
10 Pack $250
10 Pack Red Light Therapy Upgrade for Infrared Sauna $75


1 Month Unlimited Red Light Therapy $110
1 Month Unlimited Infrared Sauna $110
1 Month Unlimited Red Light Therapy + Infrared Sauna $160

*Red Light Therapy can be used as an independent service, but often times Red Light Therapy is combined with an Infrared Sauna session for enhanced benefits!

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