Relax with Kava

Kava is a wonderful herb with a wide range of benefits and often referred to as herbal Xanax. This herb is relatively fast-acting and creates a sense of tranquility and well-bring. A great option for those experiencing acute anxiety and panic attacks. Kava is also used for those looking for something to simply promote relaxation. Kava is especially unique in that while it relaxes it does not dull the senses. A perfection addition for those who want something to use socially instead of drinking alcohol.

Kava can also be used in the evening to help gently promote a deep, restful sleep. While it does not generally make one sleepy its combination of benefits help the body to achieve a deep, restorative sleep. The ability of Kava to calm the mind of anxiety and racing thoughts, relax the body, and diminish pain make it a great option as an occasional sleep aid.

Consider this herb when your nerves are friend and you’re on the edge, irritable, anxious, overly sensitive or agitated. Think of taking this herb when you feel the urge to reach for a drink when its just been one of those days. Traditionally, Kava was consumed as a tea and Kava teas are still available today. Many prefer to take Kava as a tincture or capsule.

Kava was traditionally cultivated as a tea and is native to the Pacific Islands, most notably Vanuatu. Often used as part of different ceremonies to enhance the cultural, social or religious/sacred aspects. The roots and stems of the shrub would be chewed to extract the active ingredients of Kava. This would then be steeped in water and drunk to promote a state of well-being and tranquility.