For the Mamas: DIY Padsicles

Mamas spend most of their pregnancy thinking about what the baby will need. We pour over car seat options, strollers, registry items, and spend hours getting the nursery prepared. We rarely think about what we will need for ourselves postpartum. Us mamas go through a tremendous change ourselves as we bring a baby into this world and require just as much care and attention! One small favor you can do for yourself is stocking up on padsicles for some postpartum comfort.

If you’ve already had a baby you know what a padsicle or perineal ice pack is; a true life saver during the postpartum period. If you’re expecting you’ll want to definitely read on! Padsicles are sanitary pads infused with things like witch hazel, aloe and healing herbs. They are then frozen and used for relief and healing during the postpartum period. They help to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. An easy DIY to help take care of yourself when you need it most!

This padsicle recipe combines:
Witch hazel: incredible anti-inflammatory properties
Aloe: super soothing and promotes healing of the tissues
Healing Herbs: our After Delivery herbal blend combines a variety of healing herbs that are antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, comforting and healing

Our After Delivery herbal blend can also be used in a variety of other ways for postpartum relief and healing!