Product Highlight: Davidson’s Organic Tea

Davidson’s Organic Tea is a direct-from-garden purveyor of tea with a focus on supporting its growers through social and eco-responsibility. They are a company that concentrates its efforts to bring you an amazing cup of tea though small tea producers and farmers. In 2007 they created an alliance with a top organic tea producer in India to further expand their selection of direct-from-garden teas, bringing a more extensive selection to the U.S. market, and supporting more small tea producers. They further their commitment to people and the earth by also being USDA Organic Certified, promoting biodynamic farming practices and being Fair Trade Certified.


Many other companies take the easy route and use industrial agricultural practices in the name of production and yield. Davidson’s has taken a different approach upholding its respect for the land, ecosystem, and future generations to come. They prioritize organically grown, biodynamic farming. This type of farming supports the biological diversity of an entire eco-system – integrating the plants, animals, and natural land to promote and maintain the health of the soil, crops, animals, and people that live there.  This type of farming has turned barren land back to thriving and fertile areas teeming with wildlife. It also protects the farmers by avoiding harmful chemical exposures from traditional agricultural pesticides and insecticides. 

Social Responsibility

Davidson’s core tea producers consist of approximately 5,000 small producers and their families. Davidson’s is strongly committed to their livelihood, welfare, and wellbeing through their commitment to Fair Trade practices. 
“What is Fair Trade?
What began as a grass root movement in the 1940s when a few small North American and European organizations reached out to poverty stricken communities to help sell handicrafts, is now a global effort governed by the principles of the Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO), which globally monitors progress on this important and international effort. The program now extends out to tea, coffee, cocoa, fruits, sugar and honey, to name a few.
Many farmers in developing countries have to contend with fluctuating prices that may not even cover what it costs to produce their crop. Fairtrade is a trading partnership that focuses on sustainable development for poorer producers. It does this by providing better trading conditions, raising awareness of their situation and campaigning. Producers registered with FLO receive a minimum price that always covers the cost of production and an extra premium for investment in local community projects as agreed democratically by that community.”

As part of Davidson’s Fair Trade alliance with the community it provides:

  • Better working conditions
  • Helps establish schools & scholarships
  • Provides access to clean water & medical care
  • Help with household utilities
  • Training programs for workers
  • Supports community events and activities

We are proud to offer you a wide selection of Davidson’s Teas. Stop in or shop online and find the perfect cup of tea for you!