Magnesium: The Master Mineral

Magnesium is lauded as one of the most important minerals for human health. It is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium is vital for muscle and nerve functioning, including heart health. Also great for preventing headaches and migraines. It is also essential in mood regulation because it acts on neurotransmitters that act upon such things as anxiety, restlessness and hyperactivity.  Also essential for bone health as it helps to regulate calcium and vitamin D levels. 

Magnesium deficiency has become an increasingly bigger issue due to a number of factors. Soil depletion due to monocropping and overfarming of land strips the land of minerals, including magnesium. In turn our foods contain less of these important nutrients. Issues with our digestive systems can also affect magnesium levels. Damage to our guts from our diets, lifestyle and medications can inhibit magnesium absorption leading to deficiency.  

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

  • Muscle cramps & pain
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety & personality changes
  • Fatigue & weakness
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Osteoporosis

You can combat magnesium deficiency by consuming foods rich in magnesium. These include: almonds, spinach, pumpkin seeds, beans, avocado, dairy products. Other lifestyle changes can help to correct magnesium deficiency. Decreasing alcohol consumption, healing the gut, stopping taking unnecessary medications and supplementing with magnesium can all help to combat deficiency.

Magnesium supplements to consider (general recommendations are 300-400mg per day)

Magnesium Glycinate: A form of magnesium that is very bioavailable and is easily absorbed by the body. The glycine has a calming effect and is good for helping to relieve anxiety and promote restful sleep. 

Magnesium Citrate: This form of magnesium is generally well absorbed. The citrate is helpful for issues with constipation. 

Magnesium Oil: A liquid form of magnesium that you spray on to the body, easily absorbed through the skin. This is a great option for those with gut issues as it bypasses the need to be absorbed through the GI tract.