Welcome Carpe Diem CBD!

We are so excited to announce the newest addition to our CBD selection. Carpe Diem CBD offers a wide selection of high quality CBD products that are affordable. Grown with organic practices right here in Minnesota. It is a great honor to bring you a locally grown and manufactured product to help support your health and wellbeing. 

Carpe Diem was born from the great success that owners, Neil and Ben, had with CBD after health challenges for themselves and their families. Through CBD they have found relief and have been able to live a better quality of life. This inspired a passion to help others who face challenges that affect the mind and body.

Carpe Diem CBD is grown and manufactured in Minnesota in small batches. Each is carefully processed extracting the CBD from the flowers and leaves. All batches are then third party tested for purity, potency and quality to ensure a trustworthy product. They then use stalks as part of animal bedding and return roots and stalks back into the earth promoting sustainable farming practices.

Carpe Diem not only helps the environment they also help their community. For every purchase they donate $1 to Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors. In 2009 Jared Allen, former Minnesota Viking, started Homes For Wounded Warriors as a way to give back to those who serve us. Their mission is to raise money to build and remodel injury-specific, accessible and mortgage-free homes for our critically injured United States Military Veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wondering if CBD is right for you? People use CBD for a wide array of reasons due to a large network of cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body that help to keep the body in balance and maintain wellbeing.

Benefits of CBD:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects that can help relieve pain
  • Neuroprotective effects may help relieve anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • And more!