Do you use makeup removing wipes?

Did you know makeup removing wipes are the 3rd most wasteful product IN THE WORLD! 

There are 7.6 billion pounds of wipes thrown into the landfill each year, which add up to 1.3 billion wipes tossed each day. 20 million of those are makeup wipes!  Wipes are either flushed or thrown in the trash where they end up in landfills, clogging sewer pipes, and can leach into groundwater. This contributes to off-gassing in landfills, harm to animals and sea life, and pollution of our lakes and rivers. 

If that’s not reason enough to ditch the wipes the damage they do to your skin should have you trashing those wipes ASAP! Makeup removing wipes contain a variety of ingredients one of the most common is sodium lauryl sulfate, widely used as a cleansing agent, is known to cause irritation to skin and eyes. In order to deter mold and bacteria growth wipes also contain preservatives that can cause irritation. Many contain added fragrances and alcohol which dry and irritate the skin further. 

One of the most concerning issues with preservative ingredients in these wipes is that they can release formaldehyde. The big concern with a seemingly small amount in each wipe is that it accumulates over time. And that’s just with one product, not to mention that many other cosmetic and personal care products can also contain formaldehyde! Formaldehyde is a recognized carcinogen, skin irritant and allergen!

One simple and reusable product can help you to reduce your impact on the environment and protect your health at the same time! MakeUp Eraser is a reusable cloth wipe that easily replaces those disposable makeup wipes. Lasts up to 5 years, free of any toxic chemicals, great for sensitive skin, and saves money! MakeUp Eraser is made up of tiny hair-like fibers that work by gently “suctioning” makeup, dirt and impurities off the skin. Just toss in the wash 1-2 times a week to clean. Great for you and for the environment; a win-win!