Essential Oils

By now you’ve heard of essential oils, have a friend or relative that won’t shut up about them and maybe you’ve even tried them for yourself. But your head is spinning with everything you hear. Only this brand is safe to use, you have to buy into this company or go through a rep, only this company has the highest quality, etc., ect., ect! At Tree of Life we take the guesswork out of all of it. We have done the research and offer an incredible line of high quality essential oils you can trust. Oils that we personally use and trust. No reps, no MLM, no buying-in, no expensive start up or anything like that.

Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds from plant materials. These compounds can be extracted through steam distillation, cold pressing, and solvent extraction. After these compounds are extracted they are highly potent and should be used with care. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways from personal care, to cleaning, to first aid, and more!

At Tree of Life our essential oils are

  • NSF GMP Certified: verifies that a manufacturing facility has the appropriate methods, equipment, facilities, controls, and trained employees in place to manufacture high-quality nutritional supplement products.
  • FDA OTC registered facility: verifies ingredients, doses, formulations, and labeling requirements.
  • KOF-K kosher certified: Only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of kashrus (kosher law) are granted permission to display the KOF-F K symbol.
  • Non-GMO: come from GMO free plants and contain no GMO’s.
  • Gluten Free
  • Allergen Tested
  • Pesticide Tested

All of our oils are rigorously sourced and tested. Each one being validated by GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) and FTIR (fourier transform infrared spectroscopy). GC-MS has been regarded as a “gold standard” for forensic substance identification because it is used to perform a 100% specific test, which positively identifies the presence of a particular substance. FTIR is a method that uses infrared to identify a substance. Together these tests ensure quality, purity, and potency of the oils. You can have confidence that the products we put on our shelves are high quality, safe and trustworthy.